Sandra Grace

It's a real story

Hi! I’m Sandra Grace and I’m R&B singer/songwriter. I believe my music is considered to be international.

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Each and every song has a message and a story behind it. Sandra Grace writes about her own life, experiences and feelings which makes her music emotional and relatable.

I Tried

It is more than
just a song

The most beautiful thing in creating music is knowing that people can feel the same emotions and find support in the lyrics.

  • Polished songwriting, confident vocals and a nice blend of melody and rhythm combine to give us a catchy tune.
    Music Blog
  • I really like the unique melodic construction. Besides, the delicate vocals are so captivating.
    Music Portal
  • A beautiful artist with potential and passion
    A Fan
    From Twitter
  • Sandra is cool and her music is outstanding
    A Fan
    From Twitter
  • She’s one of the coolest sweetest artists I have ever met
    A Fan
    From Twitter


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