New EP ‘Fight for a Living’ is Out

Fight For a Living is a very special EP, because the storytelling and the sound have changed dramatically. Each song is different but they blend into a story of my life. The best thing about this EP is that each listener will get to find their own story in every song, relating to the lyrics and feeling connected to the music. But most importantly the whole vibe of the EP will bring people up, motivate them like a good friend. I hope it will help people feel better about themselves, feel more confident and feel like they can take the world.

Song #1 – Done to Me
The song is about a person realizing how powerful they can be, no matter how much they’ve been hurt and lied to. I am basically saying “Look what you did to us” but I wanted it to sound angry and powerful at the same time, so it gives people the feelings to push through and feel capable of being the strongest they’ve ever been. It is about a strong, wise person who is ready to show everyone what they’re worth. I didn’t want it to be only about romantic relationships, so I am sure people will find their own meaning of the song.

Song #2 – Got 2b Famous
The whole idea is to make everyone feel like they are the main characters in their lives. But for me, this song is about Charlie Puth. I’ve always wanted to meet him and so it’s like a love letter. However, I’m sure we all have someone we are obsessed with, I wrote a song about having a crush on a celebrity, being just a simple girl who wants so badly to get seen by her crush. It is a very light and positive song full of nothing but love towards Charlie.

Song #3 – Back of Your Car
There are these types of relationships people get into, where one of the partners is the high school teenager, showing off everything and trying to be a “bad boy/girl”. I know many girls fall for the emotions, which these relationships give, so that is exactly what the song is about. However, it is written from a grown up perspective now. It’s literally what I went through, but now all I do is laugh about it. People tend to carry these feelings along the way, letting them harm themselves, so I hope the song will make them laugh about it instead.

Song #4 – Fight For a Living
This is a hymn for everyone out there who has even been told they aren’t good enough, ever had “no” break their dreams and goals in life. I know how heartbreaking it is, when no one believes in you, when you try to prove everyone wrong. The society we live in is messed up and it can harm you just as it can help you. People forget about their dreams, they give up a lot of things because they have no support. I want everyone to feel vise versa. I wrote this song about me, but I know there are so many people just like me. I won’t give up fighting for my dreams and I want to inspire and motivate people to do the same.

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