Sandra Grace shares her way How to Become a Star in 21 day.

Sandra Grace released a music video blog “How to become a Star in 21 days” on October 6, sharing her tips that she’s been following before releasing her debut single in 2019. It’s not just a step-by-step instruction on becoming a musician, it’s her story that she wants to share with you.

“I’m going to show you the backstage of an artist’s life, I’ll share with you some of my tips that worked for me and hopefully they will help you to achieve your dreams too!” – Sandra says.

The music blog has 21 videos and each of the videos shares some valuable information for upcoming artists. Sandra also speaks about her own experience, ups and downs that she faced while getting on this path. She reveals her private information on her life and the upcoming single.

Watch “How to Become a Star in 21 Days” here:

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