Sandra Grace releases a new Single – ‘Got 2B Famous’

Sandra Grace presents her new single “Got 2B Famous” and it is a song written for an American singer
Charlie Puth. The song’s created with modern Pop and R&B beats with a combination of lyrical female
vocals. Blending a variety of positive emotions, in some way even confessing about the feelings towards
Charlie Puth, the song also has a story behind the lyrics – the vibe of the music and singer’s soft voice
takes you places.

Speaking about the Single, Sandra notes that: “Got 2B Famous is a song that came up to me in a very
weird time. I’ve been following a journey of an American singer Charlie Puth for a while when I felt a very
strong desire to meet him in person. So I had this thought in my head “I have to get famous to get to him”
and then it just happened. I wrote a song about having a crush on a celebrity, being just a simple girl who
wants so badly to get seen by her crush. It is a very light and positive song full of nothing but love
towards him. So I guess Got 2B Famous is dedicated to Charlie Puth And it might even speak for others,
I mean, I am obviously not the only one who wants to meet him in person.”


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